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Laurel-Leaf printing - July 1984

Recommended Activity Book to add to these exercises:
Portals to Literature:
A Day No Pigs Would Die
(The Perfection Form Company, Logan, Iowa)

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Final Test: A Day No Pigs Would Die

This test assumes that students have used:
Portals to Literature: "A Day No Pigs Would Die"

PART A: Value: 20 marks

Read all questions carefully, then select the statement that BEST answers the question.

  1. Haven Peck uses Solomon and a capstan to
    a. dig a well.
    b. move Pinky's house.
    c. mend a fence.

  2. Shaker law forbids followers to
    a. borrow money.
    b. befriend those of other religions.
    c. acquire frills.

  3. Robert especially dislikes the Shaker law which forbids him to
    a. eat on holy days.
    b. go to baseball games.
    c. skip Sunday school.

  4. Haven thinks he's rich because he has
    a. his own land.
    b. enough to fill his family's needs.
    c. three fine, healthy sons.

  5. Next to the Peck farm, Mr. Tanner's farm looks
    a. neglected.
    b. wealthy.
    c. lonesome.

  6. Aunt Carrie is upset with Iris Bascom because Iris
    a. hit Robert with a broom.
    b. didn't go to Mr. Bascom's funeral.
    c. is carrying on with the hired man.

  7. Robert's mother thinks that
    a. Aunt Carrie should mind her own business.
    b. Haven or the minister should talk to Mrs. Bascom.
    c. Mrs. Bascom should be cut off from polite society.

  8. Robert got a beating from Mrs. Bascom for
    a. moving all her flowerpots around.
    b. running through her strawberry patch.
    c. making fun of the hired man.

  9. Mrs. Bascom does Robert a favour by
    a. paying him a dime to move a flowerpot.
    b. giving him a special soap for Pinky.
    c. telling the Tanners he wants to go to the fair.

  10. Robert spends his money at the fair on
    a. soap for Pinky.
    b. three sticks of cotton candy.
    c. a bolt of cloth for his mother.

  11. Robert gets sick at the fair because he
    a. eats too many sweets.
    b. gets a case of stage fright.
    c. smells pig manure.

  12. In the contest, Pinky
    a. loses because Rob gets sick.
    b. wins seconds prize for beauty.
    c. takes first prize for good behaviour.

  13. After Ira Long's dog is pitted against the weasel, Rob realizes that
    a. some dogs are just cowards.
    b. weaseling is cruel.
    c. he needs a good weasel dog too.

  14. When Rob comes across Apron in the woods, he is there because
    a. he has run from Edward Thatcher's making fun of his clothes.
    b. he is frog hunting.
    c. he and Pinky are exploring.

  15. Haven Peck tells his son that he is not allowed to vote because
    a. Haven has never become a U.S. citizen.
    b. Haven is too old.
    c. Haven can't read or write.

  16. Robert's father instructs his son that fences
    a. set men together, not apart.
    b. should be constructed of weathered wood, lest they rot.
    c. are unnatural and shouldn't be constructed.

  17. The "day no pigs would die" refers to
    a. the day Rob's father kills Pinky.
    b. the Shaker Sunday, when Rob's father doesn't work.
    c. the day Rob's father dies.

  18. Letty Phelps, kin to Haven Peck,
    a. drowns her daugther and hangs herself.
    b. marries Sebring Hillman.
    c. is the schoolteacher for Rutland County.

  19. Rob is surprised and feels foolish when he finds out that Ben and Bess Tanner are
    a. better farmers than his father and mother.
    b. Baptists.
    c. not religious people.

  20. Along with Rob's mother Lucy Peck, the lady who lives in the Peck household is
    a. Miss Sarah
    b. Aunt Matty.
    c. Aunt Carrie.

PART B: Value 20 marks

Answer with a simple (T)rue if the following statements is completely true, or with a simple (F)alse if any part of the statement is false.

  1. The only way that Haven Peck will permit his son Robert to accept a piglet from Mr. Tanner is if Mr. Tanner first accepts a promise of work from Haven.
  2. Rob sees his father cry only once, and that is when Pinky is butchered.
  3. Even though the town of Rutland isn't far from Learning, Haven Peck has never been there.
  4. When Rob helps Apron, Mr. Tanner's cow, she nearly bites his arm off.
  5. When Aunt Matty says that she will tutor Rob, he thinks that she plans to play a coronet.
  6. Rob once spends the better part of a morning trying to teach an old bullfrog to jump backwards, so as to build up its front legs for eating.
  7. Shaker Ways demand that one not get involved in voting and politics.
  8. Ben Tanner is aware, as are most people, that Haven Peck is dying.
  9. The apple crop turns bad partly because Rob sprayed the trees improperly.
  10. Haven Peck butchers cattle for a living.
  11. While Rob is in the fields, a large red-tailed hawk swoops down and attacks Rob's pet pig, Pinky.
  12. Robert skipped school because he wanted to help Apron's calving.
  13. Robert helps deliver Apron's calf by calming her and getting her to lie down.
  14. Robert's father makes his living by being a full-time farmer.
  15. Robert is raising Pinky to be useful as a brood sow.
  16. In the end, Sebring takes the coffin to give it a proper burial in the Rutland County cemetery.
  17. When he tries to dress for the funeral, Rob is disgusted because his shirt is of a different colour than his pants.
  18. Right after finding his father dead, Robert goes to his room and cries.
  19. Mr. Tanner brings Samson to the Peck farm to breed Pinky.
  20. Robert communicates his love and forgiveness to his father for killing Pinky by telling his mother how much he loves his father.

PART C: Value 10 marks

Match each effect (action or decision) with its cause (the reason that something occurs). Each answer may be used only once.



 1. Rob changes his accounts of the fair because

2. Ira Long comes to the Peck farm because

3. Rob tells Ira to kill Hussy because

4. Haven vows never again to weasel a dog because

5. Rob is concerned about Pinky because

6. Rob's mother asks him to kill a squirrel because

7. Rob realizes the apple crop is poor because

8. Rob wants a red and black store-bought coat because

9. Rob must assume a man's duties because

10. Rob watches the fire until it goes out because

a. she wants nuts for a cake.

b. his father is dying.

c. his friend has one.

d. he didn't spray it properly.

e. he doesn't want it to die alone.

f. he has a dog ready to be weaseled.

g. he doesn't want to distress his family for no reason.

h. she is dying.

i. he is ashamed by what happened.

j. she seems barren.

PART D: Value 5 marks

Decide if each of the following incidents is an example of personification . Write a (Y)es or (N)o.

1. Rob feeds Pinky very well so she will grow.
2. Pinky doesn't think the flutterwheel is as attractive as butternuts.
3. Pinky listens to Rob tell about his namesake, Robert Rogers.
4. Pinky rolls in manure right before pig judging.
5. Pinky can no longer run as fast as Rob because she has grown so big.

PART E: Value 10 marks

Below is a list of major episodes in A Day No Pigs Would Die . Put the events in proper order.

1. Ira Long weasels Hussy.
2. Rob goes to Rutland Fair with Pinky.
A 3. Haven says Rob must become a man very soon.
4. Ben Tanner gives Rob a piglet.
5. The funeral is held and Rob begins managing the farm.
6. Haven dies.
7. Aunt Matty tutors Rob.
8. Rob delivers Apron's calf and is taken home to recover.
9. Rob and Haven confront Sebring Hillman in the cemetery.
10. Haven and Rob slaughter Pinky.

PART F: Value 15 marks

A symbol is an object or action that stands for itself and yet also suggests another meaning. For example, a hawk is a type of bird. But it can also be used to suggest the idea of war.
Listed below are some items that are used as symbols in A Day No Pigs Would Die . Match the appropriate symbolic meaning with each symbol. Some symbols may have more than one meaning, but select only one.

 Symbolic meanings


b. value of education

a. neighbourliness

c. maturing process

d. dignity of work

e. nature's cycle

f. learning from mistakes

g. dreams and hopes

1. Haven's tools
2. fences
3. hawk killing the rabbit
4. skimpy apple crop
5. store-bought coat
6. birth of Apron's calves
7. Haven's slaughtering job
8. shared slicker (ride from cemetery)
9. bicycle
10. Pinky's death
11. Haven's writing practice
12. Rob and Solomon's yoke
13. Hussy's death
14. raising Pinky
15. Rutland Fair

PART G: Value 20 marks

The story in A Day No Pigs Would Die  is tied together through motifs . Motifs are incidents, Images, or ideas which appear again and again in the book. Like links in a chain, they serve to unite the story.
Some motifs in A Day No Pigs Would Die  are listed below on the left. On your answer sheet, list two examples of these motifs from the book. Then answer the questions that follow.


  1. Birth and reproduction
  2. Favors
  3. Religion
  4. Death


  1. What is one way motif 1 is linked to motif 4 in the book?
  2. What is one way motif 3 is linked to motif 4 in the book?
  3. What is one way motif 2 is linked to motif 1 in the book?
  4. What is one way motif 3 is linked to motif 2 in the book?