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Dell Publishing Co.,Inc.
Laurel-Leaf printing - July 1984

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Portals to Literature:
A Day No Pigs Would Die
(The Perfection Form Company, Logan, Iowa)

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Chapter 13

estrus - keen - husbandry - steward - prim - nought but - to wean

Chapter 14

sheath - toting - balked - scurf

Chapter 15

gilded - abide - to rig - shim


  1. Why is Pinky's death so wrenching for Rob? Why is it so hard for Haven? Who do think suffers more and why? Does either one gain from the experience? How?
  2. Before Haven's funeral, Rob mends a tool. After the funeral, Lucy and Aunt Carrie argue about cleaning up. Explain why they do these things on the very day Haven dies. Do you imagine you would behave in the same way in the same situation? Why or why not?
  3. How does Rob's reaction to Pinky's death differ from his reaction to his father's death? Is the difference in this reaction due to his feelings for the one who dies, the circumstances of their death, or a change in Rob's character? Explain your answer.
  4. What do Haven's tools and his attempts to write his name reveal about him?
  5. What things does Rob do in the final chapters that show he plans to follow in his father's footsteps? Are there any hints that he might not follow his father's example? Support your answer with evidence.

Test your understanding of what you have read by completing these sentences in your notebook.

  1. Haven says he is not allowed to vote because men judge him by unimportant things. (4)
  2. Rob wishes he were back home as he rides with his father to the cemetery through the cold, rainy night. (8)
  3. Widow Bascom dares to live alone with her hired man, though many of her neighbours consider that immoral. (9)
  4. Robert expects to enjoy Hussy's weaseling, but instead feels ashamed to be part of it. (11)
  5. Rob angrily beats his fists against the fence when he hears Haven guess that Pinky is barren. (12)
  6. Rob hates Samson for hurting Pinky. (13)
  7. Haven is unable to eat or smoke before he must go out and kill Pinky. (14)
  8. Rob momentarily hates his father for killing Pinky. (14)
  9. Rob thinks his funeral clothes make him look like a clown and he cries out, "Hear me, God. It's hell to be poor." (15)
  10. As Rob stands over his father's grave, he thinks that the land his father laboured so hard to own now owns him. (15)