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Dell Publishing Co.,Inc.
Laurel-Leaf printing - July 1984

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Portals to Literature:
A Day No Pigs Would Die
(The Perfection Form Company, Logan, Iowa)

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Chapter 11

wand - rig - ado - burlap - weasel - loco - timothy grass

Chapter 12

barren - fester - paunch - lance - matron - cipher - twain - hearth


  1. A Day No Pigs Would Die covers a time in the author's life when he left childhood behind. In chapter 11, find three things Robert does or says which indicate to you that he is showing more maturity. Explain why you think the behaviour is more adult.
  2. Robert's speech to Ira Long about killing Hussy is the first time the boy is deliberately disrespectful to an adult. Explain in your own words what Robert is angry about. How does his reaction here compare to his reaction when he sees the hawk kill the rabbit? How are those two situations different from each other?
  3. Why do you think that Robert longs so much for the red and black store-bought coat? What does that coat represent to him?
  4. Based on comments he makes in chapter 12, how do you think Haven Peck regards his job slaughtering pigs? What seems to be his wife's attitude about the job?