I Am David
by Anne Holm

The Chrysalids
by John Wyndham

The Guardian of Isis
by Monica Hughes

The Outsiders
by S.E. Hinton
Test only

A Day No Pigs
Would Die

by Robert Newton Peck

The Slave Dancer
by  Paula Fox

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Part A: True or False (10 points)

In the space provided on your Answer Sheet write T(rue) if the statement is completely true or write F(alse) if any part of the statement is false.

1. Darry reprimands Ponyboy for going to the movies alone.

2. The Greasers envy the Soc's money and social advantages.

3. According to Ponyboy, the words tuff and tough mean the same thing.

4. Dallas Winston has the look of a little dark puppy that has been kicked too many times.

5. Sodapop drops out of high school because of his poor academic performance.

6. Ponyboy loves books and movies, but does poorly in his schoolwork.

7. English is one of Ponyboy's favourite high school subjects.

8. Ponyboy kills Bob in self-defense.

9. Cherry Valance, the Soc who was Bob's girl friend, acts as a spy for the Greasers.

10. Ponyboy's hatred of the Socs becomes increasingly intense after Johnny's death.

Part B: Multiple Choice (30 points)

Complete each of the following sentences with the best response. Indicate your choice by writing the letter of the appropriate response in the space provided on your Answer Sheet.

1. Ponyboy enjoys going to a movie alone so that he

a. can see the movie without having to put up with wisecracks.

b. can watch the film critically, and mentally review it.

c. can watch the movie undisturbed, and live it with the actors.

d. can escape his greaser friends and for a time pretend to be a Soc.

2. The warfare between the Greasers and the Socs grows out of

a. social conflict.

b. gang rivalry.

c. school rivalry.

d. racial conflict.

3. Sodapop does not drink alcohol because he

a. believes that drinking is wrong.

b. gets drunk on just plain living.

c. wants nothing to interfere with his fighting ability.

d. does not want to set Ponyboy a bad example.

4. After Johnny is brutally beaten by the Socs he

a. is too afraid to fight.

b. carries a six-inch switchblade.

c. vows that he will have revenge against the Socs.

d. remains in his house most of the time.

5. Although Ponyboy agrees with Johnny that a disguise is a good idea, he resists cutting off his hair because

a. he has nothing with which to cut his hair except Johnny's knife.

b. he thinks long hair is tuff.

c. the other will despise him.

d. Darry and Sodapop will disown him.

6. Johnny compares Dally to

a. a New York hoodlum.

b. a tough, sadistic killer.

c. one of King Arthur's knights.

d. a gallant Southern gentleman.

7. Dally is afraid that jail will

a. kill Johnny

b. reform Johnny

c. harden Johnny into a hoodlum like him.

d. make Johnny a more sensitive being.

8. Ponyboy realizes that Darry really loves him when

a. Darry saves him from serious injury.

b. he sees Darry crying at the hospital.

c. Darry permits him to join the rumble against the Socs.

d. he wakes up to find Darry sitting beside his bed.

9. The morning after Ponyboy returns home, the newspaper headline reads:





10. Even before the rumble between the Greasers and the Socs, Ponyboy realizes that

a. a skin fight is the only way to establish their respective turfs.

b. the Socs will not honour the terms that the war councils have agreed upon.

c. revenge is justified.

d. violence is senseless.

11. According to Randy, Bob really wanted his parents

a. to give in to him in all things.

b. to leave him completely alone.

c. to discipline him.

d. to provide him with all the material goods that money can buy.

12. Johnny's dying words to Ponyboy are:

a. "You look out for yourself and nothin' can touch you."

b. "I was crazy, you know that."

c. "You can see the sunset real good from the West Side."

d. "Stay gold."

13. Dally is cut down by police bullets when he

a. challenges the police with an unloaded gun.

b. threatens a doctor in the hospital with a switchblade.

c. fires on the police after robbing a grocery store.

d. runs from the police after they order him to halt.

14. When Ponyboy begins to fail English, his teacher

a. bawls him out.

b. tells him to stay after school so that he can make up the work he has missed.

c. offers him the opportunity to write a composition in order to earn a passing grade,

d. gives him a failing mark and tells him that he will have to take the course again.

15. Sodapop is miserable for all except one of the following reasons:

a. Darry and Ponyboy argue too much.

b. Darry and Ponyboy are always putting him in the middle.

c. His girlfriend Sandy has left him.

d. Working at the gas station is a dead-end job.

Part C: Getting the Message (20 points)

Below follows a list of objects and actions that are used as symbols in The Outsiders. Choose the appropriate symbolic meaning listed and write it down on your Answer Sheet. Then give evidence from the novel to support your choice.

purification - unfulfilled dreams - loss of identity - beauty in the world - social clash


Part D: Pyramid of Action (10 points)

List the following major episodes in The Outsiders  in the proper order.

a. Dally is killed by the police.

b. Pony and Johnny hide out in Windrixville.

c. Pony is reconciled with Darry at the hospital.

d. Pony accepts Johnny's death.

e. Johnny kills Bob.

f. Johnny dies.

g. The gang rescues Pony when he is jumped by Socs.

h. The Greasers beat the Socs in the rumble.

i. The Socs confront Cherry and Marcia with the Greasers.

j. Pony, Johnny, and Dally rescue the children in the burning church.


Part E: Wrapping It Up (30 points)

Examine each of the following problems resolved in Chapter 12 of The Outsiders. On your Answer Sheet, first list who is involved in the conflict, then briefly describe the outcome of each conflict on the lines headed "Resolution." Finally, give your opinion about the way things turned out. If you wish, offer a possible alternative.


1. Ponyboy faces possible criminal charges for being involved in Bob's death.

2. The Curtis family is being torn apart by arguments.

3. Ponyboy denies that Johnny is dead.

4. Ponyboy feels frustrated and powerless to change the social injustice he sees.

5. The Curtis boys face the possibility of being split up by the court.