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Test: Guardian of Isis


SECTION ONE: Questions on The Guardian of Isis. (Value: 59)

  1. Give a clear and precise definition of the term "Science Fiction"
  2. Select three examples from "The Guardian of Isis" that show how "science fiction" is used in the book.
  3. Why does President Mark London dislike Jody so much?
  4. In what ways does the President try to get rid of Jody?
  5. What is Mark London trying to accomplish by declaring so many things taboo and twisting the truth about the colonists' past?
  6. What kind of relationship exists between Olwen and the Guardian?
  7. Why do Olwen and the Guardian decide at the end of the novel NOT to interfere with what Mark London is doing?
  8. Why do Olwen and the Guardian order Jody not to tell anything about what has happened?
  9. The book has several messages  for the reader. What is the message in connection with:
    a. Jody
    b. President Mark London
    c. Olwen and the Guardian
    d. the Colonists

SECTION TWO: Vocabulary. (Value: 10)











  1. 1There was a big _____ when Jody returned with the gift from the Guardian.
  2. _____ should have been paid by the person who destroyed Jody's water wheel.
  3. The President's speech was very _____ because it was based on feelings rather than facts.
  4. Jody wanted to travel to the _____ mountains, but they were too far away.
  5. _____ to Jody's bed was a storage unit.
  6. Although Jody had been _____ to a "Third", he was really too young to be a man yet.
  7. President London used the _____ of religion to control the people.
  8. The colonists were not very _____ because they couldn't leave the valley.
  9. The Sun of Isis was called Ra and was _____ in relation to the planet which circled it.
  10. The Guardian showed his _____ because he disapproved of Jody's statements.


SECTION THREE: Sentence Combining. (Value: 5)

Combine each set of sentences into one, without changing the meaning.

  1. The thief sneaked by the watchman.
    The watchman was sleeping.
  2. The disc disk jockey sat in the studio.
    He interviewed there a singer who had recently made a new album.
  3. Since he was a collector, Tom enjoyed looking in secondhand shops.
    Secondhand shops sometimes sold old 78rpm records.
  4. Greg felt enraged.
    His younger brother had borrowed his favourite shirt without asking his permission.
  5. Michael practised what he would say.
    He called Susan to ask her for a date.


SECTION FOUR: Singular or Plural? (Value: 5)

Select the correct word.

  1. Whenever Sharon or Glen (works, work) late, they both eat dinner late.
  2. Today, one of my sisters (was, were) nominated for a scholarship.
  3. Either the Prime Minister or several of his aides (is, are) expected at the meeting in Mexico.
  4. He said the main thing wrong with all these letters of complaints (is, are) that they're addressed to the wrong person.
  5. Each customer who spends $50 (gets, get) a book of discount coupons.

SECTION FIVE: The Apostrophe. (Value; 5)

Select the correct word.

  1. They put their (childrens', children's) interest ahead of their own.
  2. We found (everyones', everyone's) luggage after a search.
  3. My Uncle (Bobs', Bob's) house is near the lake.
  4. The club (members', member's) votes were recorded in the minutes of the meeting.
  5. The idea was (our's, ours) but my mother helped us put it into effect.


SECTION SIX: Battle Lines. (VALUE: 10)

List one conflict that arises in each of the following situations. Though some passages may have more than one type of conflict, you need list only one.

After you list the conflict, explain specifically who or what is involved. See the example below.


Jody is not allowed to experiment with the water wheel.

a. Conflict: Character versus Society

b. This is one of the rules set by Mark London

  1. Jody climbs the rock wall.
  2. Jody changes the light in the Sacred Cave.
  3. Jody gets dizzy and has a burning pain in his chest as he climbs higher and higher in his search for the Guardian.
  4. Jody's talk in front of the Council of Elders
  5. Jody promises to the Guardian that he will not tell the colonists what the Guardian and he have done to restore the river's flow.


SECTION SEVEN: Figures in the Round. (VALUE: 6)

Some statements about the personality of the characters in The Guardian of Isis follow. Give evidence from the book to first support the statement (pro). Then contradict the statement (con). Finally, based on that evidence, draw your own conclusions that explain the character's nature. An example has been done for you.


Jody is brave.

a. Pro: He climbs the rock wall.

b. Con: He is very much afraid when he sees the Hobbit.

c. Your conclusion: He is brave when he is control of the situation, but he's afraid of the    unknown as a result of the stories he has been told.

1. The Guardian has the logic of a computer.

2. Jody is rash and impatient.

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