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Characters in the Novel

The Strorm Family

David Strorm: Hero of the novel; possesses a peculiar telepathic ability which causes the main conflict in the novel.

Joseph Strorm: David's father; champion of purity in all forms of life; leading figure in Waknuk.

Emily Strorm: David's mother; a pathetic woman who lives in the shadow of her husband.

Petra Strorm: David's younger sister; possesses awesome telepathic powers; causes the crisis of the novel and ultimate brings rescue.

Aunt Harriet: Emily's sister; gives birth to a slightly deviate infant and, after failing to conceal it, commits suicide with the baby.

Mary Strorm: David's older sister; somewhat sympathetic to him.

Uncle Axel: David's uncle; knows about David's ability; broad-minded and philosophical; acts as protector of David during the latter's youth; functions as mouthpiece to express the author's opinions.

Elias Strorm: David's grandfather; not part of the novel but was founder of the community of Waknuk, and largely responsible for its philosophy.

Spider Man: The older brother of Joseph Strorm; deprived of his rights as a boy because of deviational developments in his arms and legs; lives in the Fringes.

The Group



Michael: Eldest of the group; best educated; acts as leader and philosopher.

Rosalind Morton: David's half-cousin and sweetheart; flees with him to the Fringes.

Anne: Only member of the group to violate its solidarity; marries a "norm"; commits suicide.

Rachel: Anne's sister; loyal to the group.

Katherine: First to be discovered by Waknuk; under torture reveals David, Rosalind and Petra.

Sally: Neighbour of Katherine; captured with her.

Mark: Lives farthest from the group; along with Michael and Rachel, he is not discovered.

The Others

Sophie Wender: Childhood friend of David; discovered as a deviate and banished to the Fringes; most pathetic victim of Waknuk's philosophy.

The Wenders: Martie and Johnny, Sophie's parents; because they concealed Sophie, they, too, were banished.

Angus Morton: Rosalind's father; in constant feud with Joseph Strorm over deviations; seems to have more common sense than his enemy.

Old Jacob: Keeper at the Strorm farm; ultra conservative believer in Waknuk's religion.

Alan Ervin: Anne's husband; had reported Sophie Wender and planned to blackmail the members of the group; dies a violent death.

The Sealand Lady: Woman in distant civilization who communicates with Petra.

Jerome Skinner: Stranger to Waknuk, but partially responsible for discovery of some of the group.

The Inspector: Responsible for purity in Waknuk; carries authority of the government in Rigo; a reasonable man, but not intelligent enough to think his way past the limits of his job.

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