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Old Jacob's View, and a Problem


atrociously -  scythe -  stooking -  echelon -  to prop up -  to pelt off -  incredulously -  to chafe


  1. Petra's membership to the group adds several new dimension to the story. Which two are mentioned in this chapter?

  2. David is changing into an adult. Mention two examples of this.

  3. Explain Michael's statement that the stupidest "norm" is happier than the members of the group are. How does it show him becoming the leader of the group?

  4. Old Jacob represents the extreme "right wing" of Waknuk religion. In a few words tell what he believes in. Then explain the term "right wing".

  5. The author uses in this chapter again a device of style called juxtaposition, contrasting two incidents in such a way that make each other seem worse simply because they occur together. In the previous chapter, the joy of Petra's birth offered strong contrast to the sorrow of Harriet and her baby. What is the "juxtaposition" in this chapter?

Decision Making

In this chapter David learns a lot about deviations and he will have to make many decisions in the future because of the attitudes of the people in Waknuk towards deviations.
What decisions do you have to make in your daily life?
You will be held responsible for your decisions. What consequences have you suffered because of a wrong decision?
What kind of decision making skills do you use? Do you follow a process by analysing possible consequences of your actions?
How do other people influence the decisions you make? Give some examples.

In the story, David will have to make many decisions. In this and subsequent chapters, see if he uses a decision making process.

  • Identify and understand the problem.
  • Get information.
  • Consider all alternatives.
  • Make a decision.
  • Decide on a plan of action.
  • Be responsible for your decision.
  • Carry out your plan of action.
  • Evaluate your plan and decision.
  • Depending upon the evaluation, change the decision or make this type of decision again.

The moral of the story is...

In The Chrysalids, David learns many - mostly painful - lessons. These morals (principles or lessons taught by a story or experience) prepare David to become a responsible adult.


Throughout the following chapters prepare a list of learning experiences in The Chrysalids and create a moral that expresses what David gains from the learning experience.


Both he and Rosalind rush towards Petra after they "hear" her "cry" for help. What is the learning experience? What is the moral?

David listens first to Old Jacob and then to Uncle Axel. What is the learning experience? What is the moral?

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