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A Baby and a False Image



attributable -  malicious -  aggravated -  undignified -  unconscionable -  hideous -  substitution -  to abet


  1. This chapter provides the ultimate comment on the society in which David lives.

    a. What happens in the Strorm household when a baby is born?

    b. What would have happened if the inspector had not issued a certificate?

    c. It is Harriet's parting statement that reveals what this world really is. What    does she say?

  2. The chapter also gives more information about David's father and mother, as well as about the Inspector. What does the chapter tell you about each?

  3. What does the Inspector do to annoy Joseph Strorm?

On page 68, the sentence Nobody could blame the inspector for that; she did appear to be as normal as a new-born baby ever looks.... Why does that sentence ends with four dots?


Feelings have different degrees or strengths. For example, you may be hurt, or sorrowful, or suffering great grief. This can be the same feeling but with different degrees of strength. What words can be used to describe increasing strengths of these feelings?

In what ways do David's mother's feelings for her sister Harriet changes during this chapter? Why do her feelings change? What are her feelings based on? What are her feelings at the end of the chapter? What does this tell about her character?

How would you describe Aunt Harriet's feelings? How does she "solve" her problems?

What are your feelings about the whole situation described in this chapter? In what ways is the author shaping your feelings?

How do you usually handle your strong feeling? Do you express them through action or do you tend to "internalize" them, that is to say you push your feelings back inside yourself? Describe a situation which created strong feelings in you and tell how you handled those feelings? Example: Someone falsely accused you of something!


What is the mood of this chapter? (more than one answer possible)

___ thrilling and illuminating

___ humorous and lighthearted

___ bleak and depressing

___ tender and teasing

___ violent and vengeful

___ gloomy and tense

For each of the moods you selected, list a detail from the chapter that helps create that mood.

Selecting one of the moods listed above, create a school situation and list at least four details to include in a scene that will help communicate the mood you have chosen.