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Message from Sealand



Disemboweled -  sententiously -  to cringe -  at a canter -  the tableau -  a copse of trees -  to converge -  a cordon -  judicially -  vagrant -  unwontedly -  complacently -  deflatingly -  prattle on -  no small beans -  obliquely


  1. Petra takes on a special importance in this chapter. Explain why?

  2. What is David's opinion about Sealand's intention to rescue them? Why?

  3. David tries to explain to Petra why they are running for their lives. His explanation is used by the author to satirize Waknuk society. Explain.

  4. In what ways does the author not only comment on Waknuk society, but also on our own world?

Figures in the Round

By showing more than one side of a character's personalities, the author makes them seem well rounded or realistic.
These realistic portraits are not only a challenge to the author but to the reader. As in dealing with real people, the reader must decide how to merge into one personality many different - even contradictory - traits.


Some statements about the personality of the characters in The Chrysalids follow. Give evidence from the book to first support the statement (pro). Then contradict the statement (con). Finally, based on that evidence, draw your own conclusions that explain the character's nature. An example has been done for you.


The Inspector upholds the law on deviations.
a. Pro: He agrees that Sophie is a mutant
b. Con: He approves of Angus big horses
c. Your conclusion: He upholds the law only as far as he has to, but is willing to bend when it is convenient.

  1. David's mother strictly follows the rules of Waknuk's religion.
  2. Rosalind is compassionate.
  3. The Seland woman has high morals.
  4. David is cautious.
  5. Sophie is caring and unselfish.

One Step Further

Rate a fictional character from a TV sitcom. First give the name of the character, then for each of the following character traits, answer with a never, seldom, sometimes, often or always and provide evidence for your answer.

  1. Acts unwisely.
  2. Is compassionate.
  3. Shows a good sense of humour.
  4. Is moral.
  5. Becomes angry.
  6. Is this character well rounded? Explain your answer.