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The Flight to the Fringes



spoor -  hobble -  the horse -  imminent -  tinder-box -  latch -  to grope about -  halter -  tinkle of -  bits  -  reprovingly -  to divert -  trot -  the ford -  to ford -  pannier baskets -  to dodge -  stamina -  a posse -  desolation -  retrospective law -  obliterating -  fortissimo


  1. David's group is finally in open conflict with the district of Waknuk. As a matter of fact, as Michael puts it, they are at war. Why does Michael say that? Give some proof by which the reality of war is demonstrated.

  2. The group presents a threat that goes beyond the problem of the True Image. What is the threat David's group presents to the society of Waknuk?

  3. Mrs. Morton has assisted in the escape of her daughter. What does that tell about Waknuk society?

  4. Rosalind makes an excellent partner for David. What are the qualities of each? How do these compliment each other?

  5. Petra receives a message from far off. What is the message? How does she explain it? What is the connection with David's childhood dream?

A World of Differences

The Chrysalids is told from David's viewpoint. But the various conversations he has with other characters in the story give the reader different views on the same subject.

The inclusion of these different views serves two important purposes. First, it allows the reader to get a clearer picture of the other characters and perspectives. Second, the views serve as a force of change. Being exposed to other thoughts help David mature from a naive small boy into a mature young man.


Determine what the characters listed feel about each of the following topics. You may use quotes, passages, or inferences (logical conclusions) in your responses.

  1. the religion of Waknuk
    a. David
    b. Uncle Axel
    c. Joseph Strorm
    d. Old Jacob
    e. The Inspector

  2. the Group
    a. David
    b. Michael
    c. Anne
    d. Joseph Strorm
    e. Ellen Ervin

  3. the marriage of Anne
    a. David
    b. Michael
    c. Rachel
    d. Uncle Axel

  4. the Fringes
    a. David
    b. Sophie
    c. Spider Man
    d. Uncle Axel
    e. Joseph Strorm

  5. the people of Waknuk
    a. Uncle Axel
    b. Old Jacob
    c. the Sealand lady

  6. the destruction of the Waknuk posse
    a. David
    b. Rosalind
    c. the Sealand lady