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The Education of Petra



propitious -  abeyance -  compulsive -  to radiate -  to blot out -  amorphous -  splodge -  the forge -  to forge -  circuit -  haunch -  retrousse -  incisors -  placatory -  to appease -  to fluctuate -  bridle -  assents -  lament -  perceptible -  tranquil -  proprietorial -  inclusive -  exclusive -  to crop up -  the dive (in Rigo) -  deposition -  overt -  orthodoxy -  tribunal



  1. The group is unquestionably in trouble now, and their detection is imminent. How does the author maintain suspense, considering that the reader knows that the groups cover will be blown?

  2. What little hint of a future development is given during the teaching of Petra by David?

  3. In this chapter, the characters are further developed. Using one or two words, how would you describe the character of (a) Michael, (b) David, (c) Rosalind, (d) Uncle Axel?

  4. The punishment of deviates is clearly revealed for the first time in this chapter.What is it? Why is it done? How do the people of the Fringes react to this?

  5. In a short paragraph describe how David tries to teach Petra? What problems does he encounter?

In this chapter the Group has to deal with possible betrayal and blackmail. It is becoming clear that the Group will be in conflict with the Waknuk society soon.

Growing up means meeting a number of challenges and the Group, with the exception perhaps of Michael, has some very fast growing up to do as conflict has become unavoidable.

Conflict, or a clash of opposing forces, is a vital part of most novels. Five types of conflict are defined below.

character vs. character

the character faces a problem with one or more other characters in the story.

character vs. self

the character faces a physical or emotional problem or struggle

character vs. society

the character faces a problem with a part, or in this case, the whole of society (government, school, traditions, rules, laws)

character vs. nature

the character faces a problem with some force of nature (cold, storm, radiation)

character vs. fate

the character faces a problem with a force such as fate, God, or luck (good or bad)


List one conflict that arises in each of the following situations. Some of them may have more than one type of conflict, but you need list only one.

After you list the conflict, explain who or what is involved. See the example below.


David discovers that Sophie Wender has six toes on each foot.

a. Conflict: Character vs. Self

b. David believes that having six toes is such a little thing, but he is very much aware of the teachings he has received, "Beware thou of the Mutant!"

  1. David jokingly wishes he had a third hand and his father and mother overhear him.
  2. Uncle Axel tells David to keep quiet about his picture-talking with Rosalind.
  3. Sophie Wenders has six toes on each foot.
  4. Aunt Harriet kills herself and her baby.
  5. Anne announces that she going to get married.
  6. Members of the Group meet Jerome Skinner.

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