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Love, Marriage, Murder, Suicide


ambitious -  to flounder -  gravitated -  lugubriously -  to ponder -  blinkered -  expiated -  remorse -  abnegations -  to dissuade -  impasse -  disowned -  dilemma -  emphatically


  1. The marriage of Anne to a "norm" is the central theme of this chapter. What arguments to the members of the group use to try and stop Anne from marrying Alan? Do you think they are valid? Why or why not?

  2. What does uncle Axel suggest as a solution to the problem of Anne and Alan? Why can't David go along with it?

  3. What problems do David and Rosalind face?

  4. Why do you think did Anne denounce the group, beside of thinking that they had plotted Alan's murder?

  5. Who do you think killed Alan?

The Group

The Group is extremely important for its members and when one of them breaks away it is a traumatic event.

  • What is the group and what does it do?
  • How do the members take care of each other?
  • What responsibilities do the members have?
  • What makes this group special?
  • Is there any rivalry?
  • Where does David fit in?
  • Write a short description of your family group. Did you include all the members?
  • Who does what in your family?
  • Make a list of all the responsibilities you have in your family. How do these responsibilities help your family function better?
  • How would you describe your role in your family.

Character Connections

The Chrysalids has a large cast of characters and they relate to David's life in a number of ways. To distinguish all these characters and understand their relationship to David, a simple visual diagram can be helpful.


In each circle below, write the names of at least three characters that fit the label. Pick the names from the character box; some names will be used more than once. Then answer the questions that follow.


David Strorm
Joseph Strorm
Emily Strorm
Petra Strorm
Aunt Harriet
Mary Strorm
Uncle Axel
Elias Strorm
Spider Man

Sophie Wender
Old Jacob
Alan Ervin
Sealand Lady
Jerome Skinner
The Inspector

1. Give an example of a character who serves as both foe and friend to David. Give examples to show the character's hostile and friendly actions.

2. Which characters seems to influence David the most? Why do you that might be so?

3. Which character seems to influence David the least? Why do you think this might be so?

4. Which character seems most admirable to you? Why?

5. Which character seems least admirable to you? Why?

6. Which two groups seem to overlap the most? Why?

7. Which group do you think influences David the most? Why do you think this is so?

8. Which group do you think influences David the least? Why do you think this is so?

9. Which group seems most admirable to you? Why?