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The Role of the Dutch in the Iroquois Wars
by Peter Lowensteyn


Interview Guide

  1. How many years have you been in Canada?
  2. Are you a Canadian citizen? Since when?
  3. Do you plan to become a Canadian citizen.?
  4. a. Do you have close relatives in Canada?
    b. Where do they live?
    c. Do you see them often, sometimes, or never?
  5. If you have married children), are they married to a Dutch spouse, an English-Canadian, French Canadian, or one of another nationality?
  6. Why did you immigrate?
    a. Economic reasons:
    b. New life:
    c. New opportunities
    d. Housing:
    e. Other (specify):
  7. On the whole do you feel fairly satisfied or dissatisfied with your life in Canada?
    a Fairly satisfied:
    b. Dissatisfied:
  8. Would you say that on the whole you are satisfied or dissatisfied with your present accommodation? Could you have expected to live in similar quarters if you had stayed in The Netherlands?
  9. Except for possible holidays, would you like to spend the rest of your life in Canada? Why?
  10. On the who1e would you say that you are satisfied or dissatisfied with your living in Quebec'?
  11. Indicate how you feel about your life in Canada at the present time.
  12. Are you glad or sorry you left Holland?
  13. Would you feel at home if you went back to Holland?
  14. Are you ever homesick for Holland'?
  15. Do you celebrate family birthdays and anniversaries?
    a. How?
    b. Do you have a birthday calendar?
  16. Do you read more frequently in English (French) or in Dutch?
  17. Do you use the English (French) language at home?
  18. If you had your way, would you eat Dutch food, Canadian food, or food from some other ethnic group, most of the time?
  19. Do you think Canadians are treating you as their equal?
  20. Do you think the people of Quebec like you'?
  21. Do you think they like you more or less than an English person.?
  22. Do you expect that this country will have a good future?
  23. Do you expect your future to be good? In what way?
  24. Did you receive all your education in Holland, some there and some in Canada, or all of it in Canada?
  25. What was your level of education upon arrival in Canada?
  26. What religion, if any, did you profess in Holland? Has that changed?
  27. Would you say that most of your friends are Canadian, most of them are Dutch, or most of them are from other ethnic groups?
  28. Are you a member of any clubs, or other groups of extra-curricular interest.?
  29. Do you belong to any Dutch organizations?
    a. in Canada
    b. in Holland
    Why, or why not?
  30. Do you read any Dutch newspapers or periodicals? Which one(s)?
  31. Did you acquire any new skills, hobbies, or education during your life in Canada?
  32. Were the skills that you brought with you from Holland useful to you in your new life?
  33. Since your arrival have you learned more than you already knew about Canada's history, literature, system of government, political parties, languages (English, French) ?
  34. Since your arrival here, on how many occasions have people visited you from Holland? And for how long?
  35. a. How many times have you been back to Holland?
    b. How long, on average, was each visit?
    c. Did you go alone or with members of your family?
  36. a. Have your children been to Holland?
    b. How many times, how long each time?
  37. Did your children make Dutch friends, did they become close to Dutch relatives?
  38. What is your children's knowledge of Dutch? Do they speak it, read it, write it, or understand it?
  39. Do they have any Dutch-Canadian friends? 39. Has your Dutch background ever helped or hampered you in procuring employment.? In what way?
  40. How do your children consider your Dutch background? And their own Dutch background?
    a. Does it interest them?
    b. Are they ashamed of it?
    c. Are they indifferent about it?
    d. Do they talk about it in derisive terms?
    e. Do they consider it an asset for themselves?
    f. Do they describe themselves as Canadian, Dutch, or Dutch-Canadian?
  41. Would you say that you brought your children up
    a. about the same as you were brought up
    b. quite different (explain)
  42. Do you follow any Dutch customs at home, e.g. :
    a. eating your bread with fork and knife?
    b. celebrating St. Nicholas?
    c. baking "oliebollen" on New Year's Eve?
    d. others? (specify)
  43. What customs did you lose that in your eyes were of value?
  44. In what respect is life in Canada better than in Holland?
  45. In what respects is life in Holland better now than in Canada?