Further on Samuel Holland
(Please note that some of these web sites still have the incorrect information on Holland's life in The Netherland.)
  1. Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online - HOLLAND, SAMUEL JOHANNES. Biography by Fred Thorpe. This page has not been updated.
  2. Dictionnaire biographique du Canada en ligne - HOLLAND, SAMUEL JOHANNES. Biographie par Fred Thorpe. Cette page n'a pas été mis à jour.
  3. Samuel Holland: from Gunner and Sapper To Cartographer, 1755-1762 by F.J. Thorpe (recent with updated information)
  4. Captain Samuel Johannnes Holland (a short biography - This page has not been updated.)
  5. History and Folklore of West Prince - Samuel Holland ( a short article on West Prince, Prince Edward Island)
  6. Capt. Samuel Johannes Holland and His Survey of St. John's Island
  7. "Campbell's History of Prince Edward Island", beginning on page 2.
  8. "The Descendants of Samuel Holland". Marie Josette Rolette died in 1825, and was buried in the Tryon United Church cemetery. This article has some serious errors about Holland's life in The Netherlands.
  9. Mapping the American Revolution and Its Era
  10. The Story of Old Abegweit : A Sketch of Prince Edward Island History by George Edward Hart (1936?): Captain Samuel Holland
  11. Parc Samuel-Holland in Quebec-City (in French)
  12. People associated with James Cook in the Royal Navy between 1755 and 1762
  13. Early Canada Historical Narratives -- LAND ALLOTMENT & REGISTRY OFFICES
  14. James Peachey
  15. POST OCCUPATIONAL HISTORY OF THE OLD FRENCH TOWN OF LOUISBOURG, 1760-1930 by Wayne Foster : CHAPTER 1: 1760-1768: ENGLISH GARRISON HABITATION (1760-1768) contains quite a bit of information about Holland's activities on Cape Breton Island.
  16. Holland College, Prince Edward Island
  17. Holland School, Quebec City
  18. The Astronomical Work of Samuel Holland, First Surveyor General of Canada, 1764-1801
    Author: Hunter, A. F., Journal: Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Vol. 18, p.289, Publication Date: 09/1924 - PDF (672KB)
  19. Samuel Holland observed the 1769 transit of Venus
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